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<GALA membership>
since December 2011, tauyou <language technology> is member of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), the largest global organization within the industry, that provides resources, education, ideas and research to enhance the power and performance of the translation and localization sector.
we decided to join mainly in order to connect with colleagues all over the world and discuss the key issues that affect our industry.
within the association, we will be participating actively in the yearly conference that will be held in Monaco (26-28 March 2012) and in the Sunday events.
besides, we will be contributing to their blog in the field of machine translation, and in particular, showing hints on how Language Service Providers (LSPs) can benefit from it.
we are looking forward to make the most out of it!


tauyou <language technology> text product
tauyou <language technology> text product
tauyou <language technology> text product