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this year 2013 has been excellent for tauyou <language technology>, so many things have happened.
our CEO, Diego Bartolome, has been speaker in a high number of translation and localization conferences, as you can see here. He has talked not only about machine translation and natural language processing, but also about business models. His presentation at the ATC Conference in London has been viewed almost 1,000 times in two months!
regarding business development, we have now more than 50 clients in more than 13 countries. We are very happy to see a sustained growth in our customer base, thanks to the main value propostion we deliver: customized machine translation solution for the translation industry.
our CEO has been appointed for a second term on the GALA Board (2014-2015). We hope to see you in Istanbul in March 2014!
we are marketing now a Dynamic MT solution that provides +30% quality increase with respect to traditional statisical machine translation solutions. Contact us for more information, we do more with less data.
in 2014, our team will grow. We are looking for developers that want to be part of our NLP team. Do you want to join?

tauyou <language technology> text product
tauyou <language technology> text product
tauyou <language technology> text product