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<the basics>
we are a small team of engineers that enjoy solving problems.
first we observe your people at work.
then we do brainstorming sessions internally.
the result is a prototype that you can play with.
interacting with the users, we improve it continuously until it is ready.
finally, we assist you in the production phase until needed.
we are passionate about language technologies.
<selected past projects>
documentation alignment in any format.
corpora generation for human or machine translation.
corporate search engine.
automatic authoring assistance to reduce translation costs.
creation of translation memories from published materials.
translation of user-generated content.
integration of machine translation and crowdsourcing.
multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
language technology consulting.
courses in machine translation and natural language processing.
customization of open-source tools.
<and more>
if you have not found what you were looking for, just tell us.
we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

tauyou <language technology> text product


problem solving customized technology for companies in the localization world